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This is an Eberron campaign not run in a D&D system. It is also not entirely true to the version published by Wizard of the Coast. I made some homebrew modifications to some NPCs. It mainly affects the power of notorious characters such as the leaders of the Dragonmarked Houses. In canon they aren’t weak but are neither particularly strong. In my Version of Eberron, these leader are much stronger but so are the biggest villains of this story. Though Eberron is a high fantasy setting, i like to tone it down a bit.

The character players are ’’Charises’’, a draconic word meant for members of the Dragonmarked Houses who managed to impress their respective Houses during the past year. These individuals are normally blood related to their Barons in a distant way or not. May they be a long distant nephew, grand children or great cousin they are all favored in House and are now in some way a small celebrity within their own house. The selected people are chosen as part of a tradition between the Dragonmarked Houses. They choose someone with potential success within the family to accompany them for a meeting at the Twelve’s main enclave in Korth, Karrnath.

The PCs are:

  • - Caleb d’Jorasco: a marked heir of House Jorasco known for his hard work and very strong dedication to the House. He found new forms of treatment for the veteran of the Last War.
  • - Loeva Shol d’Phiarlan: Member of the serpentine table she has been training under the supervision of the Baroness herself in addition to her time in each Demesne.
  • - Breyten d’Cannith: a strong man who has worked his entire life in collaboration with House Orien on the Lightning Rail.
  • - Devent d’Velderan Tharashk: A bounty hunter of House Tharashk that managed to pull his weight by strengthening relations with a warlord of Droaam.
  • - Anton d’Orien: A courier that managed to stay on the top of the food chain in a House where everyday has become a struggle.

They’ll have to manage dire situations erupting all over Khorvaire and fight for the survival of their Houses.

Home Page

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