Eberron: A world at stake

The city of Towers E1

Home sweet home.

998 Dravago(May) 25th

The Vertical City
Upon the party’s arrival in the megalopolis, two character approached the group. Eager to meet again with the PCs, Baron Elar d’Thuranni and matriarch Elvinor Elorrenthi d’Phiarlan engaged the conversation as soon as the party exited the Lightning Rail. Though Loeva already had extensive knowledge of the city since the matriarch took her under her wing seventy years ago, the other members of the group had little to no knowledge of just how big and how dangerous was this city. So, as Loeva, Elar and Elvinor guided the PCs through the urban jungle, both Barons explained to the PCs that because of what happened at The Twelve a week and a half ago, they just had to investigate on each Dragonmarked House in order to establish if whether or not some of them were involved in the attack perpetrated against The Twelve. Through this inquiry they stumbled upon the corruption of House Jorasco in Sharn. In fact, the Viceroy of Sharn, Mala Boromar d’Jorasco is married to Saidan Boromar and through this marriage the Boromar underlings can obtain the services of House Jorasco for free. In exchange, Saidan is supposed to invest in the expansion of the House. Though this practice is unusual, it isn’t by definition illegal. The problem resides in the actions of the Boromar underlings. It is now well known that the Boromar Clan has criminal traditions and by healing these criminals, House Jorasco is now suspected to be linked with other criminal organization. Elar and Elvinor put the party in charge of the investigation. In order to help the adventurers, they bought a low-profile residence in Middle Dura where the group will be able to settle down and organize themselves.

Groundwork, Skywork its all the same in Sharn
For a whole month the group fortified their base and begun investigation.

  • Breyten d’Cannith: He mainly worked on their secret hideout, built security systems, crafted equipement for the party and explored the vast economic center that is Sharn. He managed to learn a lot about prices of most available and not so available materials without raising too much attention to himself. He also tried to investigate what grasp the Boromar Clan had in the Depth and the Cogs. He learned that it was another criminal organization, named Daask, that ruled over there.
  • Caleb d’Jorasco: The chemist halfling, worried that his House is now under the radar and being investigated, cooked up a plan to clear the name of House Jorasco, even if it meant the destitution of Mala Boromar d’Jorasco. In order to learn as much as possible about the aberrant marked that use the Jorasco service he tought that by providing this very service he would be able to learn a lot about them. Eager to be of use to the party, he started up by trying to join Kurala’s house of healing, a private Jorasco hospital in clifftop district. He quickly noticed that by having to report to his superior (Kurala and Janasar d’Jorasco) he would not be able to subtly learn what he needed about the aberrant marked. He had to open his own Jorasco clinic.

Problem was: He had no permit do so…He ended up in front of the Twelve Pillar courthouse in order to get himself a licence for commerce in the Bazaar. There he learned that it was no longer possible to get these licences since the Bazaar is already full of merchants. Furious, he asked for a meeting with Mala d’Jorasco at the Jorasco enclave in the Dragon Towers. There he met Illyra Boromar, eldest daughter of Saidan and city councillor representing Lower Dura. A gracious and beautiful halfling that Caleb would never forget. Well known since the events at The Twelve, Caleb had little to no problem convincing Mala and Illyra to get him a licence. In the end, in order to set up shop, Caleb caused the eviction of an old woman from her shop and house.

  • Anton d’Orien: The Orien heir scouted the sources of education and knowledge of the city. Already an adept of the arcane, he joined The Esoteric Order of Aureon in hope to find further enlightenment but since each party member was trying their best to investigate the Boromar Clan and their associates he chose to instead search informations about the aberrant marks in Morgrave university. This extensive source of information has yet to produce any result. Not because informations lacks, but rather because amongts the massive amount of books related to dragonmarks, only little of them even mention the aberrant version. Though since Dravago(May) 26th, The Aureon’s Crown festival celebrating the graduation of many students in the university disctrict made the process a whole lot harder…oh and when a gargoyle keeps flying and spying above you… it doesn’t help either.
  • Loeva Shol d’Phiarlan: Friend with Athania (from Athania’s companion) since they both graduated from the Demesne of Shape, Loeva got from her an invitation to an event at Sharn’s Opera House where Tyasha Shol d’Phiarlan is supposed to perform. There Loeva met Kalphan Riak, high priest of Kol Koran but above all else a business man. Riak made his fortune in the arms trade during the Last War. Seduced by the charismatic elf, the aristocrat invited Loeva to join him at an auction on Nymm(June) 26th where multiple merchandise from Xen’drik will be for sale. The event will be held at Tomollan estate in the Mithral Tower district.
  • Devent d’Velderan Tharashk: The orc-blooded human explored the cogs of Sharn in hope to find informations on Daask operations but ever since he went there, the party lost track of him. Now it was their turn to find him.

998 Nymm(June) 20th

El Cazador
After Devent’s three weeks and a half of absence, the party had no choice but to find some help in order to find him. Since Devent is a Tharashk heir, the group thought that it would be easier to seek the help of his House. Even more so since his House is known for being amongst the best inquisitive in Khorvaire. Sadly the top tier of the Tharashk services were already working for multiple clients at the same time so the adventurers settled with a begginer. The party gave the Half-orc Devent’s helmet in hope that with a personal object of his the inquisitve would be able to somehow localise him. After using the power of his mark, Alhred d’Torrn Tharashk told the PCs that Devent was still in the Cogs… But he couldn’t give them more informations without spending a lot of time investigating down there. The party was not up for more waiting and chose to venture in a world unknown to them.

Once down there, they had no idea where to begin the search. A couple of hours of wandering allowed them to notice a few hot-spot that Devent most likely explored at some point. Amongst them was Shamukaar, a tavern for the goblino├»d and monstruous kind. Refugees and immigrants from Droaam were all over the place and since Devent is fond of Droaam, it is certain that he spent time there. So the party tried to come in but they stood out so much that any social interaction were very difficult. Slowly the PCs felt more at ease and tried to ask informations about Devent to the customers and clerks. At some point Caleb asked to an imposing female ogre magi if she had seen Devent d’Velderan Tharashk. In answer she just grabbed him in the palm of her hand and shoved him in her shoulder bag and left. The party quickly followed her into a very dark alley. As multiple monsters wearing the colors of Daask emerged from the darkness, Cavallah, the ogre magi, offered them a way out of this mess. The party would have to follow them and enter an arena in which the party would compete against each others. The last one to be standing would win. Worried about their fate they were sure that they would have to murder each others… Instead, the new gladiators had to run away from cockatrices in a very small arena and the last one to not be petrified would be the winner. The spectators gambled on who would win and the spectacle was glorious.

Once Loeva emerged victiorious, Weshal ir’Igthorn, brother of Lady Ritha, surprised them by his presence. Fearful that he would engage the hostilities because of what happened in Droaam, the PCs unsheated their weapons. Weshal calmed them down and told the party that he was expecting them. He explained to the PCs that he was in fact an ally. Glad of what they did to the rightful leader of House ir’Igthorn, Weshal told the PCs how to find Devent. He told them to find a hunter surnamed ‘’El Cazador’’ and that this creature was the solution.

Guided by the instructions of Cavallah, the party found themselves in a small ruined tunnel, still in the cogs, in which was poorly hidden four strange doors. The group interacted with the locals but found them each more disturbing than the other. Only a single door lead to a very small room with an altar as its only furniture. Unsure of what to do Anton asked the rest of the party to exit the room and to let him clear his mind and use his magic to find some sort of clues. Once Anton was done, he got out of the room and asked the other party members some questions relating Devent. He then invited the rest of the group to come in. Once inside, the party found a second Anton d’Orien. Perfect look-alikes. Confusion took over the minds of the agents of the Twelve. Quickly one of the two Anton mutated and morphed into a chetive pale skinned humano├»d. He lacked facial traits, distinctive features that allow one to recognize him. Its eyes were a pure white with no pupils and circled by thick black rings. It was a changeling. Rarely seen in their true forms, changeling are thought to be really rare. are they? Who knows…

Anton cracked up a smile before the changeling asked the group if they were ready to meet El Cazador… If so, they would have to let their weapons in this small room. The PCs obliged. The pale one drew a symbol on the altar and behind him a wall moved. A secret passage revealed itself. On the other side was El Cazador sitting on his chair, feet and legs on his desk with a hood covering most of his face and the shadow produced by it covering the rest. The changeling invited the group inside. Loeva saw through the shadow and surprised she let out a small cry of surprise as she saw his face. The creature rose up and exposed himself. El Cazador was Devent d’Velderan Tharashk all along…

After the reunion, Devent explained his adventure in cogs. In fact, he managed to join Daask thanks to Weshal ir’Igthorn. The two met and Devent asked him how he could find more information on the aberrant marked of Sharn and Weshal told him that the Daask were almost at open war with the aberrant marked and the Boromar Clan. The reason behind the evermore growing number of aberrant marked in Sharn is explained by the commerce of Dragon’s blood that the Daask controls. It turns out that this drug makes the survival of the aberrant marked easier. Indeed, it seems that the rise of aberrant marked is not without its drawback. The marks seem agressives and ever expanding, driving their wearer mad and sooner or later causing organs failure. The Dragon’s blood somehow stabilize the mark. Weshal told Devent to seek Cavallah and to ask her to join the ranks of Daask. Through his time within the organisation he learned that the Boromar Clan is the one using the aberrant marked in order to hurt the Daask operations. All that Saidan Boromar needs to do is to spy and locate the dragon’s blood warehouse and then tell the aberrant marked its location. Even greater… now that Jorasco is healing the aberrant marked, defending against them got twice as tiring.

The group had to find out how to deal with them. Is wiping out the aberrant marked the best solution? Are they even worth saving? Either way a lot need to be learn about them and the dragon’s blood.


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