Eberron: A world at stake

First stop: Droaam E5

Knock Knock

998 Dravago(May) 24th

Ethmostigmus rubripes
Devent did partake in the festivities but not for long. though bandaged and roughly healed, he was still wounded and needed rest. He escaped the rumbling orcs and reached Ritha’s house which was now his. After a quick exploration of the building, he found the bedroom and finally the weight of the challenge was lifted. Devent dropped his gear, his weapons and his guard… Indeed, after the exhaustion claimed his consciousness an aberrant marked shifter sneaked in and attempted to murder him. Luckily enough, Devent’s senses were still sharp and stressed from the challenge against Ritha. As the shifter tried to plunge his claws into the Velderan, Devent reached for his knife and gutted the poor creature. The adventurer was shocked and confused when insects poured out of the wound instead of blood. The shifter smirked and scattered into a bulking amount of vermins that vanished soon after. Not sure if he dreamed that part or not… Devent didn’t close the eye for the rest of the night.

Preparing for a scrap
Once the beams of sunlight touched the closed eyes of the Tharashk heir, he struggled to open them and then to get up. Even though the wounds were still fresh, he knew his companions were in danger. Devent gathered Grull, Jal’Orc and the other nobles and announced them his plan to take on the ir’Igthorn fortress. Though the ir’Igthorn expected an attack now that Lady Ritha was no longer the leader of the Maashak tribe, they would not expect it to be so soon. The nobles were pleased to hear about it and supported his plan. In that manner he dispatched the nobles arounds the province to gather all the warriors and weapons available. Grull had to meet the Gatekeeper druids and ask them their support in their endeavor. This kind of conflict is usually ignored by this sect but this time it seems that they suspected that the ir’Igthorn hid something and so they joined forces with the Maashak. Devent travelled back to the Great Crag and managed to convince an Orc engineer to rent him some sort of siege equipment. Still, even if trolls were amongts the troops it wouldn’t be enough to fully punch through the veteran of the Last War defending the small castle. But Devent still had a trick up his sleeve.

Still an usual day in Droaam
As the evening was approaching, the new Maashak’s chieftain and his army formed up ranks near the ir’Igthorn’s fortress. Building a warcamp was useless since it was an all or nothing assault against the forces inside. Time was of the essence… the condition of his colleagues was still unknown to him at this point. The siege engines moved in range and hurled projectiles at the wall until it breached. As soon as the wall crumbled The Maashak trolls, carying cockatrices, rushed inside the outer court and threw the cockatrices at the surprised soldiers. Soon after the trolls engaged the ennemy, Devent and his soldiers joined in and pushed the ir’Igthorn inside the gatehouse and the other infrastructures. The damage sustained by the main building took its toll on it and started crumbling as the group of orcs ventured in the castle in search of the party of adventurers. Once in the dungeons, Devent found a weakened heavy cell door. By the state of it, it was obvious that a lot of effort had been necessary to damage it to this point. Obviously it was a good place to look for his comrades. Devent and his soldiers bashed what was left of the door and found inside a group of weakened adventurers. They managed to survive multiple days by drinking water from the moss and catching rats and insects…

A stairway into Khyber
Now free and reunited, the party quickly equiped what little equipement Devent managed to carry with him and as they tried to escape, many ir’Igthorn’s soldiers were rushing down in the dungeon in order to shelter themselves from the collapse of the castle. The confrontation forced both camp to stay on each end of the corridor and after a little while of staring at eachother, one of the chieftain’s subordinate called for help from another passage connected to their end of the corridor. Once the rest of the party joined up, they found an empty room with a very rancid whiff. Something was obviously wrong with that place. The party found secret passage leading to a much deeper underground complex. Down there lied a shrine dedicated to the cult of the Dragon Below and at the rocky ceiling was fixed a cage in which were the viceroys that the group were desperately searching. Cultists were swiftly finishing a summoning ritual but the group of adventurers somewhat interrupted what little part of it was left. The disturbance caused large aberrations to be unleashed in the subterranean dungeon. Belfare Thead, the ir’Igthorn chamberlain joined the party downstairs and engaged them while the monsters were still a problem. Maashak Orcs also joined in and brought support to the player characters. The party emerged victorious from this very difficult encounter and as the rest of the dungeon collapsed, the party escape the ruins of the ir’Igthorn’s household along with the viceroy.

A time for celebration. Or is it?
The party chose to let things cool down for a little bit before returning to Passage. In fact, Anton decided to head over there before the rest of the group in order to get the teleportation services of House Orien and since it was a emergency…House Orien didn’t fuss too much about it. So as the rest of the adventurers and the viceroys were resting, Anton used what little left of energy he had and travelled as fast as possible. Before leaving Droaam, Devent paid his respect to Jal’Orc, who died in the dungeon beneath the castle and made Grull the new chieftain of the Maashak tribe. Now free from the ir’Igthorn, they could finally resume their voyage as a nomadic orc tribe. Once in the metropolis, the party parted ways with the Viceroys and received a memorandum from a Orien courrier informing them that after a surprising recovery, Baron Breven d’Deneith had been assasinated. But right now, Agents of the Twelve were awaiting the arrival of the party in Sharn because of a pressing matter involving corruption and criminal activities amongts the House Jorasco of Sharn. Even worse, since the lack of action toward the constant gathering of aberrant marked in Sharn, the Twelve fear that they are organizing themselves. Either way, the murderer of Breven d’Deneith would have to wait because the party felt that the their respective Houses needed them in Sharn…And with reason since shit was about to hit the fan over there.


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