Caleb d'Jorasco


The story of Caleb d’Jorasco

Part 1 : Before the adventure

Caleb was born in an excessively busy family. He is the son of Idoline Jorasco and Melville Jorasco, both master craftsmen, known in the family for making wonderful concoctions and doomed to treat customers requiring special care. This largely explains why Caleb was modeled after his parents and why he became their apprentice. From a young age, after the teaching of his parents, he realized he was destined to take up the torch from the shop. Following extensive efforts over a period extending over several years, Caleb was now able to synthesize a variety of products while maintaining outstanding quality standards. That’s why his parents believed the time came to leave the workshop in the hand their son.

But things did not unfold as planned, the entire Khorvaire was still at war. Caleb had to serve his nation, the Karrnath, not only to treat the wounded but also to preserve the bodies of the dead in good condition with ointments for their transformation into a soldier in the coming days. Apart from the time spent on the battlefield, Caleb shuddered at the idea to create, innovate and improve everything he made. Caleb was transformed by the atrocities in which he had participated. He had the power of life and death over anyone and, as bad as it sounds, he loved the feeling, lust and thirst for power. He knew he was too much value to the nation, which is why he created all kinds of experimentations. Obviously, he was the best, no one knew more than him and not a single one was better than him. Those who did not respect his intellect nor his supremacy quickly met the Keeper.

After the war, the Jorasco formalized his status as an apothecary – healer . They felt it was the appropriate time to transmit the store from his parents. However, Caleb was not the same after the war. For someone such as him, to stay in a shabby lab is not what he wanted. Staying in a sedentary lifestyle to serve several hundred individuals when he could do much more throughout Khorvaire . He then prepared to leave Karrnath, to assert his talents to the general public, always looking to increase its grip on the world of alchemy and eliminate any competition that blocks him off like he did in the past. Just before he left, he was summoned to the Jorasco enclave of Vedykar and offered to accompany Baroness Ulara Jorasco to the Tower of the Twelve to discuss family issues.

Caleb d'Jorasco

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