Ritha IV ir'Igthorn

Former Baroness and Warlord of Droaam


Baroness Ritha ir’Igthorn was a female halforc descended from a long line of cross breeding between the Maashak orcs and the humam house ir’Igthorn. She was a fierce warrior and her body was the horrific storybook of many battles. The leader was about 5’9’’(1.75m).


Ritha IV was the daughter of Resh II, and the ruler of House Ir’Igthorn in Droaam. Like most warlords, she treaded a fine line between demonstrating subservience to the Daughters of Sora Kell and ruthlessly trying to expand her own powerbase. In addition to the small but veteran force of knights she fielded from the ancestral fortress, Ritha was also Chief of the Maashak tribe and nominal commander of its warriors.

She was killed by Devent d’Velderan in a challenge during the festival of the Rising Fire.

Ritha IV ir'Igthorn

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