Elar d'Thuranni

Baron and Patriarch of House Thuranni


He is an Elf who can claim to have one of the finest body on Khorvaire. His body seems to have been carved in marble so much his physical embodiment is worthy to be called an artistic masterpiece. He has long dark hairs and green eyes. He is 6’4’’ tall (1.93m)


Baron Elar d’Thuranni is the patriarch of House Thuranni. He founded House Thuranni in blood, when he and his bloodline slaughtered the Paelion bloodline during the Shadow Schism, splitting the family from House Phiarlan. Baron Elar runs the House Thuranni holdings from Regalport in the Lhazaar Principalities.

He looks after the PCs group and is one of their patron.

Elar d'Thuranni

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