Daric d'Velderan

Triumvir of House Tharashk, leader of Clan Velderan


Daric is from the minority of humans within House Tharashk. That doesn’t mean he cannot compete with other members of his House. Far from that in fact, his eyes are as piercing as any other true Tharashk and his physical prowess are known by everyone related to House Tharashk. He is one of the finest archers on Khorvaire and is an expert martial artist. He also bears one of the biggest dragonmark of his House.


Daric d’Velderan is one of the three triumvirs who make up the ruling council of House Tharashk, the Triumvirate. He is also the leader of Clan Velderan but, like the other triumvir he must not allow his clan status to affect decisions that will influence the entire house.

Daric d'Velderan

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