Breven d'Deneith

Former Baron of House Deneith


Breven was one of the few man on Khorvaire who could compete for the most athletic body of the continent. He used to be a very stoic man and even his face looked like it. Around 6’6’’ (1.98m) tall and with arms the size of a vedbread made by his grandma he could carry around objects so large and so heavy that some doubted he was still human.


Ex-baron Breven d’Deneith was the patriarch of House Deneith. Breven d’Deneith commanded the Sentinel Marshals and the Defenders Guild out of the House Deneith enclave in Karrlakton.

Breven was an honorable man who helped his house maintain a neutral stance in the Last War, despite his house and personal connections to Karrnath.

He died on Dravago 30, 998. From what the PCs have been told he was murdered and the main suspect is a Viceroy of House Deneith named Shirin d’Deneith.

Breven d'Deneith

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