Merrix d'Cannith

Baron of House Cannith South


This man knows how to dress! He never looks gloomy nor does he look like he could need help. Merrix wears very fancy clothes that varies according to the circumstances. His presence inspire power and charisma. He doesn’t have much facial hair, mainly grooming a fine moustache. He has short swirly hair that are almost always perfect.


Baron Merrix d’Cannith is the current head of House Cannith in Breland. He is one of the most renowned artificers in Khorvaire today.

Merrix is the grandson of the first Merrix, Son of Arren d’Cannith. He is also the former patriarch’s grandnephew. He was an infant when the first warforged were made and is the youngest of the three leaders trying to become the “Great Gorgon.” Being the youngest of the three he also has the weakest claim, but his skill makes the other two leaders wary of him. Merrix does not want to be the leader for the sake of personal power; he simply feels that the other two are not strong enough to do a good job of it. He’s willing to lead for now, but he’d prefer to be left to his experiments.

Merrix d'Cannith

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