Eberron: A world at stake

First stop: Droaam E1

into the land of monsters

998 Dravago(May) 15:

A Prelude to Droaam

The PCs now had a clear objective: Find and Rescue a team of The Twelve. Unfortunately, the task at hand would prove to be a daunting one. The Twelve’s party was located in the land of monsters, a foreign region known as Droaam, and at that time, the PCs only knew they vanished out of thin air. Still in Karrnath, they had a long way to go, but, the Barons still present at what remained of The Twelve gathered approximately six hundred gold galifar for the travel expenses of the party. It turns out that this sum of gold was not expected from the PCs, they were very grateful at the moment, however, it also brought further questioning between themselves, and then, after many discussions, they knew they would have to manage that money wisely for they did not know what awaited them in Droaam.

The PCs had to first travel to Rekkenmark and then cross the border of Karrnath by ferry in order to get to Thrane. Once on the other side, they had to show their identity papers and answer questions before being free to go. They then rode to Thaliost, where the PCs embarked the Lightning Rail. It seemed like a huge waste of time considering there was a bridge connecting the two kingdoms. Sadly, the bridge was destroyed during the Last War… Nevertheless, the PCs had the opportunity to admire the colossal corpse of stone that once stood strong and tall.

They boarded the Lightning Rail and most of the travel went well. In fact, on the way there, they noticed a lot of weird looking fellows among the civilians as most of them were carrying an aberrant mark. A hot tempered man started to cause a commotion that Caleb d’Jorasco and the rest of the party stopped from escalating any further. By stopping that event, they met Ferky, a shifter from the Eldeen Reaches that was now working for the Wayfinder Foundation in Sharn. They also noticed that he was bearing an aberrant mark and asked him questions to learn more about the sudden spreading of the mark throughout Khorvaire.

The PCs learned:

  • - He had been assaulted on his way back from Aundair where he was visiting family. Once he woke up he was now bearing a scorching mark on his forearm. Since then, he keeps having nightmares and still have to deal with the pain that the mark is inflicting on him.
  • - He is traveling back to Sharn. A happy fact because it seems that a lot of aberrant marked are traveling there. Aberrant pilgrims from all over Khorvaire are gathering in Sharn because it is the only place where no bearer of these marks are found dead each morning.
  • - He knows the Church of the Silver Flame will stop the Lightning Rail before entering Aundair to inspect the wagons. If they see any of these aberrant marked, they will be persecuted and arrested…where resisting would then cause their end. Therefore, a lot of them are planning to either jump off the Lightning Rail or risk it with the Silver Flame inquisition.

Obviously, Ferky was right…The PCs woke up after a nap and soon after, the Lightning Rail stopped and a two dozen of men, women and half-elves climbed on board from each end of the Lightning Rail to inspect the passengers. The PCs looked around and noticed a lot of people were no longer aboard. They most likely jumped off before the Lightning Rail stopped and ran away.

The inquisitors of the Silver Flame did not skip the PCs. They were even more suspicious of Devent d’Velderan because of his orcish heritage so they kept asking questions as another man was searching him and his bag. The other PCs showed their papers and the Silver Flame Lieutenant, in charge, was surprised to see this many Dragonmarked heirs traveling together. The rest of the party vouched for Devent and managed to keep him on board even after the penitent found a dark grimoire with the arcane arts of necromancy inside. A book he looted from the vampire that Breven d’Deneith chased away the day before. Unfortunatly, the book was confiscated and was sent to Flamekeep in order to be purified.

The city of Passage

The rest of the road went well. This was a good way for the PCs to live this sightseeing experience. They chose to stop in Passage, one of the great city of Aundair. There they bought supplies, a carriage and a horse to slowly but surely get to destination. They managed to settle everything quite fast and hit the road again.They went trough Arcanix and its small community, through Xandar, Erlaskar, the village of Greenblade and finaly the city of Sylbaran on the edge of the Silver lake before crossing the border of this dangerous land filled with adventures… The road was deserted and all that the PCs could hear was wailing of the crows in lack of food since the end of the war.


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