Eberron: A world at stake

The city of Towers E1
Home sweet home.

998 Dravago(May) 25th

The Vertical City
Upon the party’s arrival in the megalopolis, two character approached the group. Eager to meet again with the PCs, Baron Elar d’Thuranni and matriarch Elvinor Elorrenthi d’Phiarlan engaged the conversation as soon as the party exited the Lightning Rail. Though Loeva already had extensive knowledge of the city since the matriarch took her under her wing seventy years ago, the other members of the group had little to no knowledge of just how big and how dangerous was this city. So, as Loeva, Elar and Elvinor guided the PCs through the urban jungle, both Barons explained to the PCs that because of what happened at The Twelve a week and a half ago, they just had to investigate on each Dragonmarked House in order to establish if whether or not some of them were involved in the attack perpetrated against The Twelve. Through this inquiry they stumbled upon the corruption of House Jorasco in Sharn. In fact, the Viceroy of Sharn, Mala Boromar d’Jorasco is married to Saidan Boromar and through this marriage the Boromar underlings can obtain the services of House Jorasco for free. In exchange, Saidan is supposed to invest in the expansion of the House. Though this practice is unusual, it isn’t by definition illegal. The problem resides in the actions of the Boromar underlings. It is now well known that the Boromar Clan has criminal traditions and by healing these criminals, House Jorasco is now suspected to be linked with other criminal organization. Elar and Elvinor put the party in charge of the investigation. In order to help the adventurers, they bought a low-profile residence in Middle Dura where the group will be able to settle down and organize themselves.

Groundwork, Skywork its all the same in Sharn
For a whole month the group fortified their base and begun investigation.

  • Breyten d’Cannith: He mainly worked on their secret hideout, built security systems, crafted equipement for the party and explored the vast economic center that is Sharn. He managed to learn a lot about prices of most available and not so available materials without raising too much attention to himself. He also tried to investigate what grasp the Boromar Clan had in the Depth and the Cogs. He learned that it was another criminal organization, named Daask, that ruled over there.
  • Caleb d’Jorasco: The chemist halfling, worried that his House is now under the radar and being investigated, cooked up a plan to clear the name of House Jorasco, even if it meant the destitution of Mala Boromar d’Jorasco. In order to learn as much as possible about the aberrant marked that use the Jorasco service he tought that by providing this very service he would be able to learn a lot about them. Eager to be of use to the party, he started up by trying to join Kurala’s house of healing, a private Jorasco hospital in clifftop district. He quickly noticed that by having to report to his superior (Kurala and Janasar d’Jorasco) he would not be able to subtly learn what he needed about the aberrant marked. He had to open his own Jorasco clinic.

Problem was: He had no permit do so…He ended up in front of the Twelve Pillar courthouse in order to get himself a licence for commerce in the Bazaar. There he learned that it was no longer possible to get these licences since the Bazaar is already full of merchants. Furious, he asked for a meeting with Mala d’Jorasco at the Jorasco enclave in the Dragon Towers. There he met Illyra Boromar, eldest daughter of Saidan and city councillor representing Lower Dura. A gracious and beautiful halfling that Caleb would never forget. Well known since the events at The Twelve, Caleb had little to no problem convincing Mala and Illyra to get him a licence. In the end, in order to set up shop, Caleb caused the eviction of an old woman from her shop and house.

  • Anton d’Orien: The Orien heir scouted the sources of education and knowledge of the city. Already an adept of the arcane, he joined The Esoteric Order of Aureon in hope to find further enlightenment but since each party member was trying their best to investigate the Boromar Clan and their associates he chose to instead search informations about the aberrant marks in Morgrave university. This extensive source of information has yet to produce any result. Not because informations lacks, but rather because amongts the massive amount of books related to dragonmarks, only little of them even mention the aberrant version. Though since Dravago(May) 26th, The Aureon’s Crown festival celebrating the graduation of many students in the university disctrict made the process a whole lot harder…oh and when a gargoyle keeps flying and spying above you… it doesn’t help either.
  • Loeva Shol d’Phiarlan: Friend with Athania (from Athania’s companion) since they both graduated from the Demesne of Shape, Loeva got from her an invitation to an event at Sharn’s Opera House where Tyasha Shol d’Phiarlan is supposed to perform. There Loeva met Kalphan Riak, high priest of Kol Koran but above all else a business man. Riak made his fortune in the arms trade during the Last War. Seduced by the charismatic elf, the aristocrat invited Loeva to join him at an auction on Nymm(June) 26th where multiple merchandise from Xen’drik will be for sale. The event will be held at Tomollan estate in the Mithral Tower district.
  • Devent d’Velderan Tharashk: The orc-blooded human explored the cogs of Sharn in hope to find informations on Daask operations but ever since he went there, the party lost track of him. Now it was their turn to find him.

998 Nymm(June) 20th

El Cazador
After Devent’s three weeks and a half of absence, the party had no choice but to find some help in order to find him. Since Devent is a Tharashk heir, the group thought that it would be easier to seek the help of his House. Even more so since his House is known for being amongst the best inquisitive in Khorvaire. Sadly the top tier of the Tharashk services were already working for multiple clients at the same time so the adventurers settled with a begginer. The party gave the Half-orc Devent’s helmet in hope that with a personal object of his the inquisitve would be able to somehow localise him. After using the power of his mark, Alhred d’Torrn Tharashk told the PCs that Devent was still in the Cogs… But he couldn’t give them more informations without spending a lot of time investigating down there. The party was not up for more waiting and chose to venture in a world unknown to them.

Once down there, they had no idea where to begin the search. A couple of hours of wandering allowed them to notice a few hot-spot that Devent most likely explored at some point. Amongst them was Shamukaar, a tavern for the goblinoïd and monstruous kind. Refugees and immigrants from Droaam were all over the place and since Devent is fond of Droaam, it is certain that he spent time there. So the party tried to come in but they stood out so much that any social interaction were very difficult. Slowly the PCs felt more at ease and tried to ask informations about Devent to the customers and clerks. At some point Caleb asked to an imposing female ogre magi if she had seen Devent d’Velderan Tharashk. In answer she just grabbed him in the palm of her hand and shoved him in her shoulder bag and left. The party quickly followed her into a very dark alley. As multiple monsters wearing the colors of Daask emerged from the darkness, Cavallah, the ogre magi, offered them a way out of this mess. The party would have to follow them and enter an arena in which the party would compete against each others. The last one to be standing would win. Worried about their fate they were sure that they would have to murder each others… Instead, the new gladiators had to run away from cockatrices in a very small arena and the last one to not be petrified would be the winner. The spectators gambled on who would win and the spectacle was glorious.

Once Loeva emerged victiorious, Weshal ir’Igthorn, brother of Lady Ritha, surprised them by his presence. Fearful that he would engage the hostilities because of what happened in Droaam, the PCs unsheated their weapons. Weshal calmed them down and told the party that he was expecting them. He explained to the PCs that he was in fact an ally. Glad of what they did to the rightful leader of House ir’Igthorn, Weshal told the PCs how to find Devent. He told them to find a hunter surnamed ‘’El Cazador’’ and that this creature was the solution.

Guided by the instructions of Cavallah, the party found themselves in a small ruined tunnel, still in the cogs, in which was poorly hidden four strange doors. The group interacted with the locals but found them each more disturbing than the other. Only a single door lead to a very small room with an altar as its only furniture. Unsure of what to do Anton asked the rest of the party to exit the room and to let him clear his mind and use his magic to find some sort of clues. Once Anton was done, he got out of the room and asked the other party members some questions relating Devent. He then invited the rest of the group to come in. Once inside, the party found a second Anton d’Orien. Perfect look-alikes. Confusion took over the minds of the agents of the Twelve. Quickly one of the two Anton mutated and morphed into a chetive pale skinned humanoïd. He lacked facial traits, distinctive features that allow one to recognize him. Its eyes were a pure white with no pupils and circled by thick black rings. It was a changeling. Rarely seen in their true forms, changeling are thought to be really rare. are they? Who knows…

Anton cracked up a smile before the changeling asked the group if they were ready to meet El Cazador… If so, they would have to let their weapons in this small room. The PCs obliged. The pale one drew a symbol on the altar and behind him a wall moved. A secret passage revealed itself. On the other side was El Cazador sitting on his chair, feet and legs on his desk with a hood covering most of his face and the shadow produced by it covering the rest. The changeling invited the group inside. Loeva saw through the shadow and surprised she let out a small cry of surprise as she saw his face. The creature rose up and exposed himself. El Cazador was Devent d’Velderan Tharashk all along…

After the reunion, Devent explained his adventure in cogs. In fact, he managed to join Daask thanks to Weshal ir’Igthorn. The two met and Devent asked him how he could find more information on the aberrant marked of Sharn and Weshal told him that the Daask were almost at open war with the aberrant marked and the Boromar Clan. The reason behind the evermore growing number of aberrant marked in Sharn is explained by the commerce of Dragon’s blood that the Daask controls. It turns out that this drug makes the survival of the aberrant marked easier. Indeed, it seems that the rise of aberrant marked is not without its drawback. The marks seem agressives and ever expanding, driving their wearer mad and sooner or later causing organs failure. The Dragon’s blood somehow stabilize the mark. Weshal told Devent to seek Cavallah and to ask her to join the ranks of Daask. Through his time within the organisation he learned that the Boromar Clan is the one using the aberrant marked in order to hurt the Daask operations. All that Saidan Boromar needs to do is to spy and locate the dragon’s blood warehouse and then tell the aberrant marked its location. Even greater… now that Jorasco is healing the aberrant marked, defending against them got twice as tiring.

The group had to find out how to deal with them. Is wiping out the aberrant marked the best solution? Are they even worth saving? Either way a lot need to be learn about them and the dragon’s blood.

First stop: Droaam E5
Knock Knock

998 Dravago(May) 24th

Ethmostigmus rubripes
Devent did partake in the festivities but not for long. though bandaged and roughly healed, he was still wounded and needed rest. He escaped the rumbling orcs and reached Ritha’s house which was now his. After a quick exploration of the building, he found the bedroom and finally the weight of the challenge was lifted. Devent dropped his gear, his weapons and his guard… Indeed, after the exhaustion claimed his consciousness an aberrant marked shifter sneaked in and attempted to murder him. Luckily enough, Devent’s senses were still sharp and stressed from the challenge against Ritha. As the shifter tried to plunge his claws into the Velderan, Devent reached for his knife and gutted the poor creature. The adventurer was shocked and confused when insects poured out of the wound instead of blood. The shifter smirked and scattered into a bulking amount of vermins that vanished soon after. Not sure if he dreamed that part or not… Devent didn’t close the eye for the rest of the night.

Preparing for a scrap
Once the beams of sunlight touched the closed eyes of the Tharashk heir, he struggled to open them and then to get up. Even though the wounds were still fresh, he knew his companions were in danger. Devent gathered Grull, Jal’Orc and the other nobles and announced them his plan to take on the ir’Igthorn fortress. Though the ir’Igthorn expected an attack now that Lady Ritha was no longer the leader of the Maashak tribe, they would not expect it to be so soon. The nobles were pleased to hear about it and supported his plan. In that manner he dispatched the nobles arounds the province to gather all the warriors and weapons available. Grull had to meet the Gatekeeper druids and ask them their support in their endeavor. This kind of conflict is usually ignored by this sect but this time it seems that they suspected that the ir’Igthorn hid something and so they joined forces with the Maashak. Devent travelled back to the Great Crag and managed to convince an Orc engineer to rent him some sort of siege equipment. Still, even if trolls were amongts the troops it wouldn’t be enough to fully punch through the veteran of the Last War defending the small castle. But Devent still had a trick up his sleeve.

Still an usual day in Droaam
As the evening was approaching, the new Maashak’s chieftain and his army formed up ranks near the ir’Igthorn’s fortress. Building a warcamp was useless since it was an all or nothing assault against the forces inside. Time was of the essence… the condition of his colleagues was still unknown to him at this point. The siege engines moved in range and hurled projectiles at the wall until it breached. As soon as the wall crumbled The Maashak trolls, carying cockatrices, rushed inside the outer court and threw the cockatrices at the surprised soldiers. Soon after the trolls engaged the ennemy, Devent and his soldiers joined in and pushed the ir’Igthorn inside the gatehouse and the other infrastructures. The damage sustained by the main building took its toll on it and started crumbling as the group of orcs ventured in the castle in search of the party of adventurers. Once in the dungeons, Devent found a weakened heavy cell door. By the state of it, it was obvious that a lot of effort had been necessary to damage it to this point. Obviously it was a good place to look for his comrades. Devent and his soldiers bashed what was left of the door and found inside a group of weakened adventurers. They managed to survive multiple days by drinking water from the moss and catching rats and insects…

A stairway into Khyber
Now free and reunited, the party quickly equiped what little equipement Devent managed to carry with him and as they tried to escape, many ir’Igthorn’s soldiers were rushing down in the dungeon in order to shelter themselves from the collapse of the castle. The confrontation forced both camp to stay on each end of the corridor and after a little while of staring at eachother, one of the chieftain’s subordinate called for help from another passage connected to their end of the corridor. Once the rest of the party joined up, they found an empty room with a very rancid whiff. Something was obviously wrong with that place. The party found secret passage leading to a much deeper underground complex. Down there lied a shrine dedicated to the cult of the Dragon Below and at the rocky ceiling was fixed a cage in which were the viceroys that the group were desperately searching. Cultists were swiftly finishing a summoning ritual but the group of adventurers somewhat interrupted what little part of it was left. The disturbance caused large aberrations to be unleashed in the subterranean dungeon. Belfare Thead, the ir’Igthorn chamberlain joined the party downstairs and engaged them while the monsters were still a problem. Maashak Orcs also joined in and brought support to the player characters. The party emerged victorious from this very difficult encounter and as the rest of the dungeon collapsed, the party escape the ruins of the ir’Igthorn’s household along with the viceroy.

A time for celebration. Or is it?
The party chose to let things cool down for a little bit before returning to Passage. In fact, Anton decided to head over there before the rest of the group in order to get the teleportation services of House Orien and since it was a emergency…House Orien didn’t fuss too much about it. So as the rest of the adventurers and the viceroys were resting, Anton used what little left of energy he had and travelled as fast as possible. Before leaving Droaam, Devent paid his respect to Jal’Orc, who died in the dungeon beneath the castle and made Grull the new chieftain of the Maashak tribe. Now free from the ir’Igthorn, they could finally resume their voyage as a nomadic orc tribe. Once in the metropolis, the party parted ways with the Viceroys and received a memorandum from a Orien courrier informing them that after a surprising recovery, Baron Breven d’Deneith had been assasinated. But right now, Agents of the Twelve were awaiting the arrival of the party in Sharn because of a pressing matter involving corruption and criminal activities amongts the House Jorasco of Sharn. Even worse, since the lack of action toward the constant gathering of aberrant marked in Sharn, the Twelve fear that they are organizing themselves. Either way, the murderer of Breven d’Deneith would have to wait because the party felt that the their respective Houses needed them in Sharn…And with reason since shit was about to hit the fan over there.

First stop: Droaam E4
A lasting darkness

998 Dravago(May) 23

A mark of despair
The sun rose on the ir’Igthorn castle, feeble glimmers of light were once again piercing through the holes of the cell’s high ceiling. The rays soon hit the eyes of the prisoners who had no water except from the moss on the ground for the last two days. The morale of the group already started to fade and turn to desperation. If no clean water was delivered through the day… they’d all be dead by the end of the week even with the healing powers of Caleb.

A sign of despair
On Devent’s side though, stress about the upcoming hunting challenge against Ritha was taking its toll on the brave Tharashk heir. With his hunting knife sharp, his equipment ready and with the helmet of Jal’Orc. he showed a little before noon in front of the Pier of Triumph. He didn’t have to wait long, for Ritha appeared in a matter of minutes fully geared with magic scrolls, wands and a single knife. The druids begun the ceremony of Awakening as the hunters exchanged grim and intimidating stares. Five minutes later, the hunters gambled on who was heading in the forest first. Though Devent is usually a lucky guy, this time Ritha had been the favored one. So she went ahead and used that headstart to hunt down Guishishila. An hour later, Devent was allowed to undertake the challenge, he then charged the forest without any hesitation because he knew in which direction was Ritha. His dragonmark activated during the time he was waiting and with time, Devent simply knew which way she was. Once into the forest, he headed toward one of the cache that Grull and Jal’Orc hid the day before. The Baroness told him that she trapped some of them so the bounty hunter threaded carefully. He managed to find in these caches his whip and some other equipment. He was still tracking the current Chief of the Maashak while preparing himself for a confrontation with either her or the giant snake. Devent had no choice but to abuse the powers of his dragonmark, he had to keep track of both the huntress and the snake.

In the evening of the first day, the first contact between the hunters occurred. Devent tried to approach Ritha in order to spy on her. He knew she was on the other side of a small lake. So he ventured on the rocks and searched for her. He learned pretty quickly that she spotted him too, for an arrow crossed the shimmering lake at an impressive speed and hit the head of Devent. Thanks to the now destroyed helmet of Jal’Orc, no injury other that a frightful experience was inflicted upon the young hunter. He ran away and now knew how dangerous his opponent was. She was no longer his target. The cold of night forced our chaser to give up on sleeping and to keep moving. In that manner, he spent most of his time closing in the distance between him and the mighty snake. Nighttime being the favorite hunting period of Guishishila, the serpent traveled mainly trough the small streams of water and moved back to the swamp. It was navigating so fast trough the water that Devent had no choice but to once again give up the hunt. Both of his prey were formidable hunters themselves…

As Devent noticed through the powers of his mark, Ritha didn’t move much in the last hour or so. She was then most likely resting or sleeping. Fully aware of how dangerous she was from his earlier encounter with her, he chose that between her and the snake she was the lesser of the two prey. So he tracked her to her general location but found no camp. She was then most likely up in the trees. Trying to be as silent and sneaky as possible, he tried to climb a tree hoping that the branches of the grove would be dense enough to make a way for him to Ritha’s position. Though the Tharashk managed to climb the tree and travel close to the huntress’s location, he misstep and fell from a tree. The shock of the fall was much more than enough to stagger the hunter. The stumbling and falling sounds alerted Ritha who rapidly grabbed a bow and shot an arrow into the back of Devent. Though the arrow pierced his flesh, the chainmail covering his chest managed to soak up most of the damage. Devent crawled back and hid just enough time for him to recover a bit and then ran away. Only anger and fury was animating his now fatigued body as he traveled toward the position of the snake. Morning was rising and his health was dwindling.

Devent managed to patch himself up and blamed himself for his weakness. Even though he failed numerous times now in this challenge, he would not give up. He pulled and pumped himself up. Time was slowly more of an issue and both his targets were still alive. He had no choices, it was either him or them. The Tharashk heir gathered what left of energy he had and tracked Guishishila to the river where he lurked. Thanks to the powers of his mark he somewhat knew that Ritha was on the move and her too closing onto the giant serpent. As soon as Devent got to the riverbank, he spotted the snake and launched his attack on the creature. As the serpent wrapped himself around the huntsman and began constricting, Devent managed to reach the head of the snake and forced his knife through it’s skull.

A sign of hope
He cut the creature’s head and ran towards the large Maashak encampment. Ritha intercepted him along the way and started shooting arrows. Devent hid behind a very large tree and as Ritha positioned herself for another shot at him, he moved around the same tree. In this fashion he compelled her to engage in close combat. She too had no choice. She had to steal the head of the serpent or kill the adventurer. If not, the Maashak tribe would not recognise her as their leader. As she got close enough, Devent dropped the ophidian skull and rushed her knife in hand. Both of them fought with everything they had. Eventually both of them were fighting over the same knife and Devent overpowered her and caged the blade into her heart.

He chose to carry Ritha’s remains and the skull to the Pier of Triumph where he was gloriously received… The Ceremony of Awakening brought festivities to the Maashak tribe but Devent knew that he could not fully rest yet. Now that he had an army, he had a siege to prepare.

First stop: Droaam E3
A matter of time.

998 Dravago(May) 21

Toward the culprits
The PCs slept in the palace as guests of the Hags. As sunlight tried to make its way inside the stone walls of the castle, our band of new adventurers gathered their belongings and were escorted out of the palace. Amid their conversation with Sora Katra the earlier night, they learned that their targets were crossing the Maashak province when they were abducted by a large group of Orcs. The Twelve’s representative were not incompetent and should have been able to handle the situation, so why were they kidnapped? Or rather, who abducted them? With these thoughts in mind, they left the palace and headed toward the Maashak province. Once almost out of the city they stumbled upon a group of angry orc farmers who lost a part of their grains to a clumsy troll. The PCs calmed things down and protected the troll from the orcs even though the orcs were no match for the troll to begin with.

The travel to the Maashak province took about an hour at the most. The adventurers found themselves at a crossroad. Devent told the rest of the group that one of the road led to the Maashak village and the other one to the ir’Igthorn ancestral abode. The PCs knew that Ritha ir’Igthorn was the current Warlord of the province and that if someone knew who crossed this land, it was surely the ir’Igthorn bloodline. The group chose to progress toward the noble’s mansion. There they found a castle being fortified by a community of halforcs. The chamberlain welcomed the PCs and asked them to wait inside the great hall. He later joined them and ask the reasons for their unusual visit. The PCs asked for an audience with Ritha in order to ask her about the disparition of the Twelve’s agents. The attitude of the administrator suddenly changed and became more hostile. He roughly told the PCs that Lady Ritha wasn’t here and to find her they’d have to go to the Maashak town, celebrations requiring the presence of the Warlord were occuring there.

The frustrated PCs then traveled to the orcs village. As soon as the density of the population increased the crew noticed that they were followed. By the time they got in one of the central ward of the town, the amount of orcs that kept gathering around them got so high that the group had no choice but to escape. Devent chose to stay behind because of his orcish heritage. He thought that if someone could reach Ritha in this town… he was their best bet. While the rest of the group walked back outside, Devent pushed further into the village and found the festival of the Rising Fire. Meanwhile, the rest of the party tried to approximately count the amount of hostile orcs that were still following them. It wasn’t even worth bothering, they were too many. The group fled to the road and wished that the orcs would give up…They did not and kept pursuing the PCs no matter how far they tried to go. An orc on horse caught up with the PCs but didn’t attack he simply crossed them and kept going. After a long halfhour the PCs saw a couple of silhouettes on horses. They were halforc knights of the House ir’Igthorn. The company of adventurer, still being followed, approached the veteran of the Last War and hoped that they would scare the orcs away. Which they did. The Maashak orcs stayed away and waited, as if there was still a hope to catch the PCs.

Still an usual day in Droaam
The soldiers got off their mount and offered the PCs to stay with them for as long as the orcs were there. They asked the party what happened in town for the orcs to be this relentless. The PCs started talking and the ir’Igthorn seemed to have no intention to leave their post on that road. They most likely had orders to force the orcs back into their camp.
The knights improvised a small camp and started to cook food. They offered some to the adventurers and they obliged….After a couple of minutes, the PCs blacked out. They had been drugged.

They later woke up in a circular underground cell, almost naked, wrists and ankles chained to the wall. The floor was wet and cold with moss covering parts of it. Devent was not there. It was good news, he had not been captured… At least not yet. Loeva managed to quickly slip out of the shackles, Breyten snapped the chains that were welded on his warforged arm. and use this arm to break the other chains. Together they helped the other two to get out of their bounds. The PCs never received any food and the only water they got was poured from the very high ceiling directly onto the ground. They had to be ready and try to drink as much as they could or they would have to suck the water out of the moss on the ground. The water was only poured each three days. For food they tried to catch rats in some kind of gutter on at the base of the walls. The rodents used this plumbing to move around the castle. Breyten used his dragonmark in an attempt to recycle the cell’s metal door back to raw materials. Unfortunately, the door was enchanted and almost immune to the transforming effect. To melt this door, Breyten knew it would take multiple days of efforts… Even though all they had was time; energy, food and water was scarce. The next days were the toughest the PCs had to face in their life yet…yet

The festival of the Rising Fire
While all this was happening Devent didn’t stop to enjoy his time in the festival of the Rising Fire. As soon as possible, he searched for Baroness Ritha ir’Igthorn. He quickly found her eating with orc nobles on an upper platform. She was there awaiting for some challengers to provoke her. The festival of the Rising Fire is a common ritual that occurs each seven months in many orcs tribes both in Droaam and the Shadow Marches. The idea of the festival spurted out of the duality between the druidic teachings of the Gatekeepers and the many cults of the Dragon Below. It offered each seven month a chance for the common folks and other nobles to challenge the Chieftain for their title and responsibilties. It assured a chance for renewal and made sure that no government would be permanent, may it be good or bad. Still today, it is not a perfect way to elect a new leader, the system is corrupted and biased. Grull suddenly showed up and befriended Devent. They chatted for most of the afternoon and the Orc captain invited Devent in his abode to eat with his family.

Grull lived in one of the poorest district of the town but he displayed great hospitaly to the Tharashk heir. He met the small family of the orc and just before they feasted the last member of the family arrived. He was a heavily armored and old orc nicknamed ’’Jal’Orc’’. The ancient one climbed the stairs and left the rest of the folks to eat on their own. Grull explained that Jal’Orc was one of the royal guards and was tasked with the protection of Baroness and Chieftain Ritha ir’Igthorn. The venerable one ended up joining his household for dinner but stayed silent. Grull and Jal’Orc exchanged a look, Grull noded and he then asked Devent to joined them later. Devent had no idea what was going on, when he ended up in a dark secret room in the back of Grull’s dwelling. Jal’Orc, the orc officer and devent were joined by a couple of orcs. Obviously a meeting was occuring and Devent had no idea what was going on. The group of orcs began their conference and quickly the attention had been directed toward the adventurer. Grull explained to the group the exploits of Devent and his connection to the Daughters of Sora Kell. Jal’Orc, with the approbation of the other elders, asked Devent if he would challenge Ritha in a trial he was comfortable with in the festival of the Rising Fire… For three years she was leading the Maashak and didnt allow this nomad tribe to go back to the Shadow Marches. They needed a champion to challenge her, they needed a champion to free them from the ir’Igthorn’s grasp. Devent was not all that interested at first. But then Jal’Orc told him that one of his agent in the ir’Igthorn forces learned that his companion were taken prisonners. The bounty hunter then negociated with the elders that in exchange for Ritha’s riddance, he would need their help to free his companions.

Devent knew most of the tradition’s caracteristics but the elders still explained the whole concept of it. For a two days, challengers can defy the Chief in any form of duel they can think of. It can be a building challenge where the chief and the contender have a week to build the toughest, most economic and most impressive building. Or it can be a simple duel of might and blades between the two of them. A bout is rarely fought to the death, this is simply because it would become a long-term problem for the tribe if every potential fighter risked their life in these events. All the rules of the challenges must be stipulated and debated on the spot and cannot be changed thereafter. If anything isn’t prohibited by a rule, it is allowed. Baronness Ritha abused and exploited that rule. Some poor orcs peasant challenged her to a cooking contest without mentioning that killing the oponent was prohibited, the end of this story is obvious. Once the days of Provocation is over, the Chief has to choose one of the challenge and announce to the people the result. The rest of the day, known as the day of Precaution, is dedicated for the preparations of the challenge. The following day is the day of Confrontation where the challenge occurs or start.

The second day of Provocation was the next day, Devent waited until then to challenge Ritha to a hunting contest. In the meeting with the elders, they told Devent of a strong and monstrous giant serpent in the forest and swamps, south of the Maashak village. The creature had been named ’’Guishishila’’, an orc term for ‘’Children eater’‘. The master hunter chose to challenge the baroness in a hunting contest. The first to bring Guishishila’s head and mount it on the Pier of Triumph would be the winner. The only rule that he stipulated was that the only weapon with which you can leave the town was a hunting knife. The clever young heir of House Tharashk intentionally ’’forgot’’ to mention that killing the other contender was prohibited. He hoped that if the serpent was too strong or dangerous, he could murder Ritha in the woods. If she wanted to come after him herself, it would have been even better.

Knowing that the male who challenged her wasn’t part of the Maashak tribe, she knew the populace would’nt care much if she killed him during the challenge. So she obviously accepted Devent’s challenge. During the day of Precaution, the hunter received a message from a courrier telling him that Ritha invited him to dinner at the Chief’s hut the same night. Grull told him not to got, she was most likely up to no good. The orc captain feared that she would poison his champion before the day of Confrontation. Devent dismissed Grull and went to the rendez-vous. Ritha warmly welcomed her contender knowing that he was from a dragonmarked House. Together they had dinner on her terrace. From up there they could see the celebrations of the druids down below where Devent challenged her the day earlier. During the evening, Ritha asked him if he was interested in rising his position in the world. She proposed to Devent a political wedding, apparently interested in an alliance with House Tharashk, which he promptly refused. Offended by such a fast denial, she told him that she found the weapons his friends hid in the forest during the day and that she trapped the caches. Devent left furiously the immense warhut… He swore to himself that given the chance, he would plunge his knife into her throat.

First stop: Droaam E2
A meeting at The Great Crag

998 Dravago(May) 18

A usual day in Droaam
About an hour later in Droaam, the road was still empty. The PCs, in their slow going carriage, noticed a single silhouette walking towards them. The figure seemed off balanced, almost handicapped. Once in a good perception range they observed that the creature was human or at least human-like but deformed by most likely a terrible disease. It walked with the help of a staff. The appearance of the little man was horrifying. The PCs readied themselves in case this fellow was hostile but kept going in their vehicle. When the hunchback got near enough, he stood in front of the carriage and bowed to the PCs. He introduced himself as ‘’Petit-fils’’, an emissary sent by the Daughters of Sora Kell. He brought the message that the Daughters knew of their coming and that they were cordially invited to their palace in The Great Crag. The PCs were in shock and they tried to dismiss the leprous man but he rapidly told the PCs that the Daughters knew where the agents of the Twelve were. They then knew they had to go…no matter what. Getting clues to the whereabouts of their colleagues was a good enough reason to risk a meeting with the Hags that scare the children of the five nations. Petit-fils asked them if he could embark their carriage but the PCs refused, fearing they could get sick if they got too close of the creature and in case he wasn’t truly who he claimed to be. Petit-fils shapeshifted into a crow and climbed on top of the carriage even if the players refused his presence inside.

A couple of hours later the PCs encountered a welcoming party of orcs that were intimidating some monstrous farmers. A toadman was negotiating with the leader of the orcs while the other soldiers tried to change the banners of the province with theirs. Obviously the orcs were working under someone as the leader, named Grull, claimed this territory for the Maashak tribe. A troll was with Grull’s party and threatened the cow of the folks that were working in the rice fields around the community. The PCs stopped their freight on the road. The negotiations were taking too long and the PCs thought they were wasting their time. They then pushed on with their carriage and engaged a conversation with Grull. They asked if there was any problem if they just went on their way. Grull first refused but as soon as the PCs told him they were on their way to meet the Daughters of Sora Kell and that they were expecting them, he changed his mind. Right after, a group of goblins hidden in the rice fields and the rest of the farmers attacked the orcs. The monstrous peasants thought the Maashak and the PCs were allies and engaged them too. With the help of the PCs, the Maashak emerged victorious though not unscathed.

The Great Crag, a jewel in hell
Once they reached the Great Crag, the PCs were surprised with what the monsters of Droaam had accomplished with the leadership of the Hags. The city was built in a similar way like Sharn but on a much smaller scale. Petit-fils tried to guide them through the capital but Devent d’Velderan already knew how to get around in this urban environment. He worked at the enclave of the city for a couple of years and was still working there even before being invited to the Twelve. They made their way to the ground level of the city near the mountain in the center of the city. There they left Petit-fils responsible of their carriage and horse. Petit-fils answered them not to expect their mare back or at least not entirely. They had to leave it behind because the only way to get to the top of the mountain-like rock, on top of which was the palace, was to enter an underground level in order to gain access to a staircase leading to the summit. At least that was the initial plan, they entered the lower level but the party could not find any direction as to where to find this staircase because of the astonishing amount of monsters and other form of life. They were all there minding their own business, some were selling any kind of weird looking meat, bugs and other shocking meals. Others were selling poison, weapons, arms and armor. A couple of shops had a more permanent look though. The PCs chose to spend some time in there to investigate and maybe deal with the locals.

During this time, the PCs found a small apothecary shop at the end of a dark alley. They ventured toward the emporium hoping, that once inside, they’d find information on a potential cure for Baron Breven‘s disease. The pathway to the boutique, of both death and life, was filled with strings of metallic nubs in which was burning herbs. Once inside they found a shop filled with the strangest potions, elixirs, draughts and poisons but without any retailer to sell them. They looked around for a couple of minutes before they finally found the shopkeeper which was working in his aquarium. Seemingly the creature used a form a magic to shrink himself to a size that could fit in this fishbowl. The strange entrepreneur was a weird looking individual, even in Droaam. His face and skin was blueish, his eyes were shining with a yellow glint and his mouth was covered by nothing less than tentacles. He was one of the rare Illithid that walked the surface of Eberron. Most of his kind are living in much deeper caves. He presented himself as ’’Maanzetharid’’ the master apothecary and alchemist of the Great Crag. He claimed to be one of the best in his field of expertise in the whole world. The PCs bought from him a couple of supplies and left without asking for his help about Breven’s condition. They chose to go back, but as they got there the illithid was getting out of the shop. he tried to tell the PCs that he was now too busy but they convinced him to grant them another audience which turned pretty badly.

To be more precise, he was getting out in order to get food. A form of hunting where the mind flayer charms through a psychic technique, a creature and lures it into his lairs only to rip open its skull in order to eat the brain. The PCs got in the way… but were now doomed to become his preys. The PCs were attacked mentally and most of the party were incapacitated. Caleb d’Jorasco guessed that the Daughters of Sora Kell had a way to scry on them because they knew of their coming in Droaam even if nobody knew of it. Knowing that he shouted and called for the helped of the Daughters. Sora Maenya appeared behind ’’Maanzetharid’’ and put her hand on his shoulder and forced him to submission on the ground. She shouted at he PCs: ‘’Get out now! I have to settle a thing or two with this lowly creature’’. The PCs ran away instantly.

The Daughters of Sora Kell
The party now had a single objective. Find the staircase to the palace. Which wasn’t hard to find at all. They already crossed once while they were shopping. There they met one of the royal guard, an ogre-magi, and he let them through. They climbed the steps and reached the top of the city, the Great Crag. Petit-fils was there and he guided them to the top of the highest tower where Sora Katra was awaiting the PCs and was eager to meet them. Once close to the door leading to Sora Katra‘s room, Petit-fils fled by a window as he transformed into raven. The PCs opened the door and saw the silhouette of a very fine looking woman behind a curtain. A shower of milky soap was raining on her body, the room was very large and very exotic, plates of food were ready for the arrival of the PCs. At the center of the apartment there was huge bath. Milky soapy falls were in the bath as the PCs noticed all the cushions lying around in the room. A weak but pleasant perfume reached the nostrils of the weary travelers. The tension dropped and they removed their equipment as soon as Sora Katra invited them to the bath. Soon after she joined them and Breyten d’Cannith was in awe in front of such a beautiful witch.

The PCs rested, talked of their travel and chit-chatted with the surprisingly beautiful hag. Sora Katra seduced Breyten and they had a moment in her private bedroom. After everyone had a good time, still in the bath, they talked about what was going with the Twelve’s agents in Droaam. She offered her help in exchange for a future service that could be claimed anytime. Sora Katra knew what happened to the dignitaries and where could the PCs investigate but to get that information they would have to make blood pact with the witch. The PCs agreed and participated in a dark ritual where the blood of hundred virgins was poured into the bath as the PCs cut their hands and chanted an simple but dreadful contract, binding them to one day serve the interest of the country of monsters.

Afterwards, the company asked Sora Katra who could help them about Breven‘s condition. The Hag referred her sister Sora Teraza to the PCs. They then navigated trough the corridors and stair of the castle to reach the summit of second highest tower. A couple of unnoticed gargoyles watched over the pilgrimage of the group through the building, making sure that they were not going somewhere they should not be. Devent first reached the door of Sora Teraza’s lair and as he led the way inside a very dark room, the party saw a multitude of items, ingredients, components of all sorts in jars. All these flasks were hanging by large ropes of flax damaged by the experience that goes on and on in this room. As the adventurers navigated through the hanging urns they spotted the thousand books and dusty tomes in the bookcases. Suddenly they heard a voice calling them. ‘’Knowledge of thy return. Materialize! Reach for me!’’ Sora Teraza expressed herself in a very weird way, almost enigmatic, but the PCs obliged and guided by her voice they found the Hag using her staff to unhook a flask. She grabbed the ingredients and dropped them inside a boiling cauldron emanating a strong odorant gas. ‘’Share the worries of this today or woe will befall on the tomorrow’’ asked Sora Teraza who was now using her staff to stir her concoction. The PCs opened up and asked her to help save the Baron’s life. She accepted but her too wanted something in exchange. She asked for Breven‘s first born in exchange for his life. The party was reluctant but accepted anyway, knowing that Breven’s knowledge was too precious too lose.

First stop: Droaam E1
into the land of monsters

998 Dravago(May) 15:

A Prelude to Droaam

The PCs now had a clear objective: Find and Rescue a team of The Twelve. Unfortunately, the task at hand would prove to be a daunting one. The Twelve’s party was located in the land of monsters, a foreign region known as Droaam, and at that time, the PCs only knew they vanished out of thin air. Still in Karrnath, they had a long way to go, but, the Barons still present at what remained of The Twelve gathered approximately six hundred gold galifar for the travel expenses of the party. It turns out that this sum of gold was not expected from the PCs, they were very grateful at the moment, however, it also brought further questioning between themselves, and then, after many discussions, they knew they would have to manage that money wisely for they did not know what awaited them in Droaam.

The PCs had to first travel to Rekkenmark and then cross the border of Karrnath by ferry in order to get to Thrane. Once on the other side, they had to show their identity papers and answer questions before being free to go. They then rode to Thaliost, where the PCs embarked the Lightning Rail. It seemed like a huge waste of time considering there was a bridge connecting the two kingdoms. Sadly, the bridge was destroyed during the Last War… Nevertheless, the PCs had the opportunity to admire the colossal corpse of stone that once stood strong and tall.

They boarded the Lightning Rail and most of the travel went well. In fact, on the way there, they noticed a lot of weird looking fellows among the civilians as most of them were carrying an aberrant mark. A hot tempered man started to cause a commotion that Caleb d’Jorasco and the rest of the party stopped from escalating any further. By stopping that event, they met Ferky, a shifter from the Eldeen Reaches that was now working for the Wayfinder Foundation in Sharn. They also noticed that he was bearing an aberrant mark and asked him questions to learn more about the sudden spreading of the mark throughout Khorvaire.

The PCs learned:

  • - He had been assaulted on his way back from Aundair where he was visiting family. Once he woke up he was now bearing a scorching mark on his forearm. Since then, he keeps having nightmares and still have to deal with the pain that the mark is inflicting on him.
  • - He is traveling back to Sharn. A happy fact because it seems that a lot of aberrant marked are traveling there. Aberrant pilgrims from all over Khorvaire are gathering in Sharn because it is the only place where no bearer of these marks are found dead each morning.
  • - He knows the Church of the Silver Flame will stop the Lightning Rail before entering Aundair to inspect the wagons. If they see any of these aberrant marked, they will be persecuted and arrested…where resisting would then cause their end. Therefore, a lot of them are planning to either jump off the Lightning Rail or risk it with the Silver Flame inquisition.

Obviously, Ferky was right…The PCs woke up after a nap and soon after, the Lightning Rail stopped and a two dozen of men, women and half-elves climbed on board from each end of the Lightning Rail to inspect the passengers. The PCs looked around and noticed a lot of people were no longer aboard. They most likely jumped off before the Lightning Rail stopped and ran away.

The inquisitors of the Silver Flame did not skip the PCs. They were even more suspicious of Devent d’Velderan because of his orcish heritage so they kept asking questions as another man was searching him and his bag. The other PCs showed their papers and the Silver Flame Lieutenant, in charge, was surprised to see this many Dragonmarked heirs traveling together. The rest of the party vouched for Devent and managed to keep him on board even after the penitent found a dark grimoire with the arcane arts of necromancy inside. A book he looted from the vampire that Breven d’Deneith chased away the day before. Unfortunatly, the book was confiscated and was sent to Flamekeep in order to be purified.

The city of Passage

The rest of the road went well. This was a good way for the PCs to live this sightseeing experience. They chose to stop in Passage, one of the great city of Aundair. There they bought supplies, a carriage and a horse to slowly but surely get to destination. They managed to settle everything quite fast and hit the road again.They went trough Arcanix and its small community, through Xandar, Erlaskar, the village of Greenblade and finaly the city of Sylbaran on the edge of the Silver lake before crossing the border of this dangerous land filled with adventures… The road was deserted and all that the PCs could hear was wailing of the crows in lack of food since the end of the war.

The Twelve
Declaration of War

998 Dravago(May) 14:

The character players are ’’Charises’’, a word of draconic origin meant for members of the Dragonmarked Houses who managed to impress their respective Houses during the past year. Those individuals are usually blood relatives to their Barons in a distant way or not. Whether they’re a long distant nephew, a grand children or great cousin they are all Favored in House and are perceived as trifling celebrities within their respective Houses. The selected people are chosen as part of a tradition between the Dragonmarked Houses. Each barons choose someone with potential success within the family to accompany them for a meeting at The Twelve main enclave in Korth, Karrnath. They symbolize that the House is doing well enough and that a future for the House is secured. Consequently, if any Baron shows up without a ’’Charis’’ then it will be seen as a sign of weakness. The Charises are expected to be silent and still for the whole meeting where the Barons and Baronesses discuss the future of the Dragonmarked Houses. Usually, the session takes the form of a report, where each baron/baroness outline all major problems encountered and then they talk about potential threats to a House or Houses. This is the first meeting since the end of the Last War so there is a lot of discussion and debate needed.

The main subjects of discussion were:

  • -The state of House Orien post-war.
  • -The state of House Cannith post-war.
  • -Increased apparition of many aberrant marked individuals all over Khorvaire.
  • -The Korth edict.

The state of House Orien post-war: A lot of the roads all across the five nations are either destroyed or in a very poor condition. The bridge between Aundair and Karrnath, now destroyed, made the business very hard for House Orien. Yet, above all else, the Lightning Rails suffered the most. The smugglers and thieves stole a large quantity of the conducting stones much needed to move the Lighting Rails and, with the annihilation of Cyre, the Lightning Rail railroad system is on the brink of disaster. That’s where The Twelve comes in. As the leader of the House Orien, Baron Kwanti d’Orien asks The Twelve and the other Dragonmarked Houses to help with the road repairs and to put pressure on the governments of the five nations to repair the roads and bridges as soon as possible.

The state of House Cannith post-war:
When Cyre was destroyed on the Day of Mourning, the Baron of House Cannith, Starrin d’Cannith, died in the terrible event that occurred. In fact, the main enclave of House Cannith and a lot of very skilled artificers were lost that day. In the meeting room today, three members of House Cannith came as ‘’Barons and Baroness’’ each with their own ’’Charis’’. This is a problem, The Twelve and the other Dragonmarked Houses expect House Cannith to settle their dispute and elect a new Baron or Baroness quickly for the sake of stability or else The Twelve will elect the new leader themselves. There is three candidates; Jorlanna d’Cannith, Zarlon d’Cannith and Merrix d’Cannith. Merrix, not as much in lust for power, calmly pointed at the triumvirate of House Tharashk to justify his position of the matter.

Increased apparition of many aberrant marked individuals all over Khorvaire:
There has been many apparition of aberrant mark all across the continent. Many of these aberrant marked people are found dead each morning across all five nations. Strangely, none of those individuals were found dead in Sharn, Breland. This is a serious matter without any doubts. As a matter of fact, aberrant marked people have already been, in the past, a severe threat to the Dragonmarked Houses. The sheer thoughts of the devastating consequences of The War of the Mark brought fear among the members of the Houses. As discussed, it has been judged worth investigating even if some of them die every now and then. It could be the beginning of something of dire repercussion.

Korth Edict:
The Korth Edict dictates that, within the Kingdom of Galifar, the Dragonmarked Houses will not hold any land nor exceed the limit of building size. It also dictates that the Dragonmarked Houses will not be allowed to train troops and keep them under the banner of their House. Special arrangements were made with House Deneith. In exchange for these political restrictions, the monarchy would help the Houses to prosper and ensure their economical strength. However, now that the Last War is over, the Kingdom is no more. What will happens to the Korth Edict? The aftermath of the war left four of the five nations in a pitiful state and another one completely destroyed. Should The Twelve and the alliance of the Houses rise to power, the five nations would have a hard time stopping them. But what of the nations ruled by a descendant of the last king of Galifar? Is the Korth Edict still to be valid in their territory? A lot of heated debate occurred but before they could reach a decision they were interrupted by a weak knocking sound.

Declaration of War:
Once they figured out where the noise came from, they opened the door. The body of a Phiarlan elf was found at the doorstep. Using his last breath, he tried to warn the Barons and Baronesses of the upcoming danger. Baron Trelib d’Medani, Breven d’Deneith, Daric d’Velderan and Maagrim d’Torrn d’Tharashk rapidly took in charge the sudden investigation. The Charises were tasked to find any information regarding what was going on. Lord Morrikan d’Kundarak chose to erect a security perimeter around the corpse. As soon as it was found out the elf was a member of House Phiarlan, Matriarch and Baroness Elvinor Elorrenthi d’Phiarlan suspected House Thuranni to be involved and it turned out that Elar d’Thuranni and his Charis were nowhere to be found. She rapidly manifested her dragonmark and vanished in the shadows. Chaos was erupting in the room as the Barons of House Cannith, Orien, Lyrandar became louder and louder claiming they had rights to know what was going on. Matriarch Lysse Lyrriman d’Sivis raised her cane and very loudly smashed it on the floor to impose her authority. She then asked everyone to calm down and act as the people of Khorvaire expect them to be. Only Baron Yoren d’Ghallanda, Dalin d’Vadalis and Kundar’aashta of House Tharashk remained serene from the beginning.

Relating to the Phiarlan murder it was found that:

  • -It isn’t known if the Baron and Charis of House Thuranni were in the meeting room during these events as no one noticed their absence earlier. It has been confirmed that once the corpse was identified they were nowhere to be found.
  • -The elf was a middle-aged male, around 300 hundred years old named Aust Elorrenthi d’Phiarlan. Nobody in the room could tell what his role in House Phiarlan was.
  • -His chest has been lacerated by four very sharp lateral blades almost like claws but the damages were way to big and the cuts way too deep to have been claws. Aust’s leather armor was ripped open as if it didn’t offer any resistance at all. Magic is most likely involved.
  • -His back was also very damaged, in fact it was the deepest cut of them all. A single cut, very deep, inside which was placed a device with strange looking symbols that can be rotated. Much like a worded padlock.

Soon after the last clue was found, the building started shaking and collapsing. The pillars of levitation allowing the building to fly were destroyed by most likely whoever killed Aust. Now the only thing left to do was to brace for impact and hope for the best. The PCs were in luck because when you are with some of the most powerful people of Khorvaire maybe home isn’t the only thing left. Hastily, all the barons worked together to secure the conference room as best as possible, given the minute they had before impact. When the building hit the ground, everything went black.

The Charises woke up in the burning and smoking ruins of The Twelve enclave in Korth. They started to explore the ruins, desperately trying to find their Barons and other survivors. It turns out they were near an improvised emergency camp that the barons managed to build in matters of minutes. It was the most secure place at the time. After a few small talks, they were tasked to explore the ruins and help any survivors they could find. What they found was utterly disturbing. They stumbled upon people being corrupted, fascinated by orbs of light levitating among the ruins. These orbs were very large, unstable, dragonshards emitting very strong magical radiations. Casting a spell near any of these would have unpredictable effects. The sound of the footsteps of the PCs broke the fascination pattern of the wretched folks but the mind of these poor souls had already been damaged permanently. They became violent and attacked the PCs. In the altercation, one of the lunatic was pushed in an orb of light. He was sucked in overwhelmingly and, much to the disgust of the PCs, the being became a twisted chunk of flesh and then formed a small mass of Syberis dragonshard.

They later found members of the Order of the Emerald Claw in the ruins. Some Emerald Claw workers were scavenging dragonshards, magical equipment, crafting tools as some soldiers were overseeing them. After being put down by the group, three templars of Order of the Emerald Claw and an officer engaged the PCs. Baron Breven d’Deneith intervened and helped the PCs because the foes were particularly strong. The officer was a vampire wizard and the PCs stole his grimoire, which Devent d’Velderan took as a token of victory.

Once back to the camp, they learned that the Order of the Emerald Claw was most likely responsible for the destruction of The Twelve. They targeted this enclave to put their hands on some of the best resources and magical tools on Khorvaire. Loeva Shol d’Phiarlan, Baroness Elvinor’s charis, left the group to investigates on the matter and found out that some cultists were using strange daggers in some weird and disturbing ritual. Indeed, the cultist turned an orb of light into a liquid state by stabbing the orb with the dagger. The fresh fluid then entered a cavity well hidden inside the blade and it is after this process that he stabbed a freshly made undead with it. The blade harvested the blood as it entered the same empty cavity. A captured servant of The Twelve was then stabbed in the chest with that dagger. A flow of energy flowed into the victim and an unknown dragonmark started appearing on the chest of the martyr. The newly formed marking suddenly started convulsing and the trait turned black before glowing a bright red. When the convulsions ended, the karrn was dead. His body turned to a smoky shadow and flew deep in the sky and attacked Baroness Esravash d’Lyrandar who was protecting some survivors far away by guiding them to safety while in the air. It is also important to note she recovered some of the magical equipment of The Twelve.

During that time, the rest of the PCs were given precious informations concerning the leader of the operation. He was in an underground part of the ruins and worked on the pillars of levitation that crashed when the building collapsed. Baron Breven d’Deneith asked them to take him out while he, at the same time, would take care of a stronger, unknown, undead outside. During that fight Breven was badly wounded to the head. This undead was a tall creature wearing a dark full plate probably made from a strong alloy of metal. After tearing through the low-ranked members of the Order of the Emerald Claw, the PCs used a rope to get in the underground ruins. There, they met a man in his early thirties. He bore a lesser aberrant dragonmark. After a very brief introduction, hostilities were engaged. The man used his aberrant dragonmark to absorb parts of the raw dragonshards that were lying everywhere on the ground. He used this energy to teleport himself to other zones of dragonshards and also used this energy to blast the PCs. He kept absorbing dragonshards to heal himself but it slowly turned his body to a dragonshard matter. Once fully crystallized, he became very fragile but thanks to his constant teleportation he managed to offer good resistance to the PCs. He was eventually caught and in a last attempt to survive he used up all the energy he gathered to push the PCs away. Once the PCs woke up they found him lying unconscious but a dark figure emerged from the ground it grabbed him and disappeared. It was the same creature that wounded Breven d’Deneith.

Once outside, the forces of the Order of the Emerald Claw that were remaining all left. Breven’s wound was terrible and even Baroness Ulara d’Jorasco couldn’t definitely cure the necrosis that spread on the it. She could only maintain his condition. It allowed the Dragonmarked Houses to calm down and choose a course of action. Time was of the essence. The Barons asked the PCs to help them during this time of crisis. Obviously, the PCs accepted. They were given a choice:

  • - Travel across Khorvaire to find a cure for Baron Breven d’Deneith
  • - Travel to Sharn to investigate the rise of a group of aberrant marked individuals.
  • - Travel to Droaam to investigate the disparition of some important Twelve’s agents and dignitaries.

They chose to travel to Droaam and so their adventure begun.


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